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Gongura (Red Sorrel) Chicken

Gongura with chicken is a very popular and...


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  • Methi Soya Chunks Curry

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    Methi & Soya Chunks Dry Sabzi Recipe is a simple sabzi where methi and soya chunks are cooked with the everyday masalas. Serve this curry with roti.

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  • Crispy Onion Pakoda

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    Onion pakoda is basically onion fritters made with gram flour (besan). You can even make these with chickpea flour. Onion Pakoda is a popular Indian street food as well. Enjoy the pleasant rainy evening or cold wintery days, crispy and spicy onion pakoda.

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  • Chicken Korma

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    Korma is prepared by marinating and then braising a meat in a yogurt or cream base. The dish is traditionally cooked on low heat for around an hour until the meat is tender and the sauce turns into a rich and creamy glaze. It goes well with Hyderabadi Bagara Rice.

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  • Street Food – Pizza Dosa

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    Pizza dosa is a very yummy and delish recipe that is super easy and quick to prepare with those everyday ingredients. Dosa pizza can be made on any day when you get bored of regular dosa chutney or sambar combo. 3 Cup Rice 1 cup Urad Dal 2 Tablespoons Chana Dal 2 Tablespoons Urad Dal […]

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  • Beerakaya (Torai/Ridge Gourd) Methi Mutton Curry

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    Beerakaya Mutton curry is an excellent meat preparation with mutton cooked with beerakaya/torai that gives a unique taste. Sever with roti or white rice.

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Khubani Trifle Pudding | Apricot Trifle Pudding

Apricots are named khubani in the Urdu language. Khubani trifle is made from apricots, custard, and cake. The dessert is topped with...

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